Advantages | BIOboard


Relaxing effect
Green walls by BIOboard reduce stress and relieve fatigue. The advantage of this type of creative vertical landscaping is the unique green vision and a sense of authentic freshness, reducing stress and relieving fatigue, improving the indoor climate.

Cost effective
The big advantage over traditional vertical landscaping / vertical gardens / with irrigation systems is that MOSS design by BIOboard does not require maintenance, watering and trimming, does not retain dust and is incombustible. They will enjoy you for years as this makes them a cost effective solution, because the investment is only in the beginning and there is no constant cost of maintaining the greenery.

Distinctive and memorable
Due to their unique appearance and fresh appearance, the green walls of BIOboard are distinctive and memorable. They completely change the appearance of the room, create a unique mood like no other interior accent.
The green walls of the BIOboard are very influential. They are original and irresistible, in diverse and unexpected locations in the interior, visually unusual and very impressive. They are talked about on social networks and are always an occasion to talk with friends or guests in the home or office.

And last but not least, environmental