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Mosses in nature as a natural branding tool and truly green advertising


Mosses are one of the oldest and most common plant species in nature. They cover a considerable part of the earth's surface. There are many different types of mosses in the wild, which, even under the thick snow cover, remain eternally green and are incredibly beautiful, even dry. This greenery is easy to maintain, has a strong aroma, is effective, creates a feeling of softness, comfort and a sense of walking in the forest.

Мъхът в природата

Being aware of the natural qualities of mosses, we have developed a technology for displaying various signs, bulky shapes and installations in the field of advertising made entirely of natural mosses. Experience shows us that not only do they contribute to extremely interesting and eye-catching advertising communication, but they also categorically identify our customers as "green" due to their natural appearance and proximity to nature.

Зелени стени от мъх за събития


To enrich our capabilities and bring color to your corporate identity, we decided to draw on aesthetic experience from our Scandinavian partners. Inspired by the natural colors of nature, they have long used processed colored mosses to create creative handmade ornaments and original enhancements to interior design. We did not hesitate for a moment to incorporate this natural coloring technique into our agency's portfolio and further feed the authentic sense of uniqueness of our non-standard offerings to you. In the photo below you can see how raw our new product looks.

Обемни фигури от зелен мъх