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Scandinavian moss watch


For over 6 years BIOboard has been actively working with architects and interior designers on corporate projects, but unfortunately we rarely have the opportunity to pay enough attention to individual clients who are often interested in smaller moss frames and other moss gift items. Only in December in connection with BIOboard's partnership with the Dibla Design Awards 2018 and the great interest in moss gift items during the event, we are launching a campaign to order and purchase single pieces of moss watches (30/30 cm), single pieces of 50 / 50cm. or 25 / 25cm. Especially for the holidays the prices will be preferential, namely BGN 70 for 25/25 cm and BGN 200/220 for 50 by 50 cm with frame or without frame, BGN 150 for clock with moss (monochrome moss or mix of two colors) . The pictures can be light or dark green moss with white frame!

Часовник от скандинавски мъх Скандинавски мъх върху часовник