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With more than 10 years of experience in the narrow field of green decoration and eco-friendly advertising communication, BIOboard advises you to trust experienced contractors in the field of green interior solutions when choosing a green wall of moss or other plant species. It is strongly recommended that contractors of this type of interior solutions specialize in this area as a core business, rather than simply as a side income opportunity, to be as competent as possible in advising you, and to adequately address any need for continued support . Clients in the contractor's portfolio are of the utmost importance when choosing a contractor - successfully completed projects for large companies are to a large extent a quality guarantee that you get by trusting the contractor. Cost is an extremely important factor in choosing a contractor, but this component should not be the leading one, but only one of the following:

Important 8 weight questions to answer when choosing a contractor for your interior wall of moss or foliage:

1. What does the end result of the design look like?

2. Have their projects been properly implemented in their portfolio?

3. What kind of clients did they work for?

4. Is this the main activity of the contractor or is it a side / secondary service in his portfolio?

5 What support do they offer when needed?

6. What is the price of the product?

7. Have they worked for foreign customers?

8. How many projects have been implemented with the specific product you have decided on?