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Grave Bulgaria moss tree on billboards

In June 2015, one of the most popular insurance companies Grave Bulgaria celebrated its 15th anniversary. The company has relied on the services of BIOboard to distinguish its brand and to realize non-standard outdoor communication within its outsourcing campaign.

In order to commuincate via a non-standard and eco-friendly manner their message for a stable past and a peaceful future, GRAVE Bulgaria presented a vision of a century-old tree with an authentic green forest moss crown. The tree symbolized the vision of the company - stability, security and peace of mind. The moss billboards were installed by BIOboard and attracted the attention of thousands of passers-by and drivers.

Ad positions were positioned at several key locations in the capital between May 22 and July 5, 2015.

About the campaign: Grave Bulgaria with the help of BIOboard realized billboards visualizing a crown of a tree with natural moss.

The task: Implementation of several green billboard installations in the capital of Sofia.

The idea: Grave Bulgaria relied on natural ingredients - green forest moss by BIOboard to realize an effective and environmentally friendly outdoor communication campaign

Challenge and implementation: To offer the client numerous suitable billboard locations in the city of Sofia, on which to mount a tree of natural

forest moss and their maintenance throughout the campaign.

Monitoring: In order to monitor the initiative, our team monitored the reactions and interviewed passing people along the green billboard on Fritreff Nansen Blvd. in front of the National Palace of Culture. Observations made on a working day within 1 hour from 17 to 18 hours showed that 6 out of 10 random passers-by raise their heads or turn specifically to the billboard. Asked what they noticed, the answers ranged from "There was a plant on the billboard", or "True Tree" to "Grave Bulgaria doing a non-standard campaign ..", "Well done for the initiative," or similar positive responses. The conclusion from the observations is that 80% of respondents give positive feedback on green bio-boards, 20% are neutral. The statistical sample according to BIOboard Ltd. data is based on a total of about 600 people passing by the advertising facility during this period.