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Green moss graffiti for Beck's

The first of its kind project in Bulgaria implemented via the innovative technology of green moss graffiti or "Moss Graffiti" was implemented by BIOboard in the successful partneship with Metropolis and Lowe Swing Communications.

It is implemented by Kamenitsa AD for the brand that the company represents in Bulgaria - German beer number one - Beck's. It represents the installation of her bottle through one of the latest and current green communication channels - Moss Graffiti or the so-called green moss graffiti (see also green moss walls), which BIOboard has successfully installed in indoor and outdoor advertising and decoration spaces from 2009 to the present.

The idea of ​​using the eco-friendly communication channel of the BIOboard is inspired by Beck's message "Brewed with only natural ingredients and an open mind" and is fully in tune with the natural ingredients of German beer number one in the world

The technology uses only natural materials, namely natural moss for visualization. The first installation of Beck's Moss Green Graffiti (Moss Graffiti) in Bulgaria is carried out in several successive stages. For four weeks and four separate phases, the Metropolis and BIOboard teams installed separate elements that symbolized the brand's youthful and vibrant spirit: symbols such as a guitar, surfboard, camera, which, of course, are only "part of history" and lifestyle of brand lovers. Thus, the green bottle of Beck's was gradually visualized just before the eyes of passers-by on Graf Ignatiev Street inSofia.

Beck's Moss Graffiti project is fully inline with Beck's philosophy of using the latest and most up-to-date technologies to meet the expectations of its fans - dynamic, modern and innovative young people.



About the campaign: Kamenitza AD, with the help of BIOboard, implemented the first in Bulgaria Moss Graffiti project of natural moss.

The task: Communicate with your target audience in an innovative way the fresh and youthful spirit of German beer number 1 - Beck's.

The idea: Beck's Moss Graffiti comes from Lowe Swing Communications, who contacted our team two months before launching a campaign to plant moss on the facade of a building in the form of a growing bottle - the popular technology by growing mold/lichen on a damp surface.

Challenge and implementation: BIOboard has modified the idea for this technique by offering the already invented green advertising channel with real mountain moss - green moss graffiti. We were able to deliver over 100 kg of mountain moss from the Netherlands, thanks to which the Beck's bottle grew in the middle of the city center. It was a real challenge for our team to complete all the preparation steps in less than a month, but the expectations were high and we had option for no errors during assembly and moss maintenance over the next month and a half.

About Beck's: Established in 1873, Beck's is the world's number one beer brand and synonymous with uncompromising quality. After almost 140 years of history, the brand still retains its quality and traditions. To this day Beck's has been produced according to the standards of the Beer Purity Law, valid since 1516. From the very beginning, Beck`s has unambiguously stated its philosophy - belief in innovation and independent thinking. Her philosophy also defines her target - the brand is becoming part of the lifestyle of modern young people. In Bulgaria Beck`s is part of the portfolio of Kamenitza AD

Photos : Lowe Swing Communications