Green billboard, MOSS graffiti | BIOboard

Green billboard, MOSS graffiti

Which advertising channel could be greener than environmental communication with a natural forest moss or fresh green grass? Moss and grass are live plants, which we apply on billboards and other vertical or horizontal surfaces for out-of-home campaigns and Green branding events, conferences, exhibitions and hotel reception interiors.

Over time we manage to make communication with natural moss and grass in fine art in the field of non-standard advertising and green communications. Nowadays creatives natural moss can be installed on building walls, billboard or other surface that you desire, and indoors for your promotions, conferences or other events. It will last from several days up-to several years according to the needs of the certain project.

Needless to say that a greener channel of communication other than BIOboard does not exists. Images with moss and grass are the perfect eco tool to advertise your product in an original way, especially when you want to effectively communicate its environmental and nature value or quality. We strongly suggest that you use them as a natural tool for branding and an authentic green image of your hotel reception, office or corporate identity.