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Snow graffiti

This is one of the most wonderful and highly contrasting techniques for non-standard communication and green advertising during the winter and Christmas holidays in the city or ski resorts. Your message can be positioned in several hundred ad positions, making it one of the most cost-effective offers.

The images are printed or printed, and their size can vary without limit. A 10 by 5 meter snowboard located at a key location on a facade on a building or on a ski slope in a winter resort, or hundreds of smaller images measuring about 2 square meters - all of those are a specialty of our agency. If the customer desires color diversity, we will apply 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly pigments, which ensures that the creatives will not go unnoticed. The 2015 Bansko Ski World Cup campaign for Milka or the UBB European Biathlon Championships in 2013 are a typical example of the application of original natural communication techniques. Interestingly, a similar formula is used by the International Alpine Ski Federation to contrast the marking and outline of ski runs and cross-country skiing trails, making it directly related to winter and skiing, extremely appropriate in the context of winter skiing competitions and is a sure guarantee of the harmless effect on the environment.

Unpainted snow prints can be treated as a simple communication tool known to people from ancient times. The message "Clear me from the snow" written on the fresh snow of our car in front of the block is just one trivial example.