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Relaxation effect

The green walls by BIOboard reduce stress and relieve fatigue

Green is the most soothing color. In the whole color spectrum, green takes the most important place compared to all others because it is the main color in nature. Usually used for relaxation. It is recommended that at least one of the rooms we live in to be in green. Green soothes the nerves and relieves tension. The use of plant motifs (not just green) gives an extra sense of calm and is almost comparable with a walk in the forest.

The message of BIOboard " Invite Nature to Home ! "is an appeal to those who design their home or renovate their interior to choose accents in harmony with nature, because the plant motifs in the home or office are always a prerequisite for a better quality of life.

Green Walls MOSS design by BIOboard satisfy the most demanding tastes of the customers, who are well aware of the relaxing properties of green color in combination with natural vegetation in the interior - and all of that at the cost of zero maintenance commitment. The advantage of this type of creative vertical landscaping is the unique green outlook and a sense of authentic freshness, ability to reduce the stress and to relieve fatigue, as well as to improve the indoor climate.


Office green wall