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Green double-sided MOSS divider with logos

BIOboard produced a double-sided MOSS divider sized 300 by 160 cm, which not only visually separates, but also sound-insulates two teams at the office of Trade Fair Trips. The logos of the two brands of the company - Fresh Holidays and Travel to Fairs were made from two contrasting colors of moss and white treated PVC within the green panels.

Preserved moss is a permanent solution over the time, it is a perfect sound-insulator, maintenance-free and does not require special lighting. Moss logos are a great prerequisite for a unique corporate vision and fresh diversity for your office. See more moss logos on our site.

Address: 45 Bulgaria Blvd., 2nd floor, office 1, KPMG building

Cover type : preserved moss MOSSdesign

MOSS color: spring green, moss green and medium green moss

Dimensions: 300/160 cm

Year: 2022