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Green moss branding at the Trade Fair Trips office

Following BIOboard's implementation of the project with green logos and moss walls at the office of the Trade Fair Trips company in Sofia, the company requested another project with green branding of their office in the city of Varna.

A preserved moss logo with a special green color - Pacific Green and a three-layer foil logo highlighted by a backlight was mounted at the main room. The world map with a marble melange of three colors of preserved moss became a unique piece of decoration.

Green circles with a mix of three colors of moss and different diameters are the main decorative motif in the other rooms, and a three-dimensional illuminated logo of Travel To Fairs is installed on one of the circles.

Address: Varna

Type of green cover: preserved moss MOSSdesign

MOSS colors: spring green, moss green, medium green, pacific green moss


Logo plate: 200/120 cm

Moss map: 240/140 cm

Moss circles with diameters: 104, 64 and 40 cm

Year of implementation: 2022