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Green walls in the entrance lobby of KNSB

As part of a project to renovate the interior of the KNSB building, BIOboard turned the entrance lobby of the building into a real oasis of vertical greenery, which combined perfectly with the typical existing interior stone cladding without the need for complex and polluting building works.

Our team produced green walls with a unique marble mix of three shades that changed the overall look of the space after the entrance. One of the decorative walls is a natural green background for the KNSB logo, and the other opposite to it is a background for a TV screen.

The green walls from the MOSSwild by BIOboard series create beauty and artistic atmosphere in any room at the cost of zero maintenance.

See also a photo gallery of the third green wall in the same entrance space with a composition of forest mosses, ferns, ivy, eucalyptus, light green spring green, medium and moss green preserved moss, located in the open lobby immediately after the entrance area: Green wall in the entrance lobby.

Project green walls: BIOboard

Interior design: Petyo Denev

Address: Sofia, Macedonia Square, entrance lobby in the KNSB building

Type of green coating: green coatings series MOSS design, marble melange of three colors

MOSS colors: spring green, moss green and medium green


Wall with TV: 380 cm by 290 cm

Wall with logo: 751 cm by 290 cm

Year: 2022