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Marble mix of three colors moss

The most trendy option for a green moss wall is the marble mix of three colors of green, distributed as a special mix of overflowing shades of greenery.

The ecological branding in this project is especially manufactured with a unique marble melange of three complementary colors of high quality preserved moss from Norway. The green wall is sized 175/130 cm and is installed in the office of the building company "D4 Company". All the employees at the office will admire the beautiful green decoration without the need for maintenance.

BIOboard's preserved moss does not require special care, green walls do not need watering and are a great solution for natural greenery in any type of interior.

Address: city of Sofia, Ovcha Kupel district, block 425 entrance B, ground floor

Type of green cover: preserved moss MOSSdesign

Plant types: spring green, moss green and medium green Scandinavian moss

Dimensions: 175/130 cm

Year: 2022