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Moss green wall at a reception

The green wall at the reception desk at the office of the Bontour company in Varna is produced by BIOboard based on a project of studio Archview Gradinarska.

It is a perfect composition together with the corporate logo of the restaurant and creates a unique relaxing atmosphere.

The interior wall surface is made of spring green polar moss, combined with wooden MDF and is a great backgound for the customer's corporate logo.

More ideas for the application of preserved moss at your office, please see on our page green walls for offices.

Аddress: 26 A Shkorpil Str., Fl. 3, office 13, 9000 Varna Center, Varna

Type of green cover: BIOboard Scandinavian Moss

MOSS color: Spring green

Dimensions: 181 by 196 sm.

Photos: Bontour and Archview Gradinarska

Year of implementation: 2016