Map of the world with polar moss | BIOboard

Decorative shaped green panels

Map of the world with polar moss

The unique world map is produced from spring green Scandinavian moss with dimensions 240 by 180 cm equiped with hidden ice lighting at a private home in Sofia. The map is generalized and contains the main continents and islands.
The concept and design is by Descalo Interior design.

BIOboard customers can choose from several types of graphics of the world map and several options:
- world map of moss without lighting;
- world map of moss without lighting, but with a double back for easy installation of lighting;
- world map made of moss  plus built-in battery lighting.

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Address: private home in Sofia

Type of green cover: BIOboard Scandinavian Moss

MOSS color: Light green (spring green)

Dimensions: 240 cm by 180 cm

Year of implementation: 2019

Photos: Descalo Interior design