Polar moss at Sunny Beach hotel | BIOboard

Decorative shaped green panels

Polar moss at Sunny Beach hotel

In January 2019, in preparation for the summer, the managers of Grand Hotel Sunny Beach chose a smart and unpretentious solution to refresh the hotel's dining area.

Eight green squares of polar moss were enough to completely transform the wooden furniture in the main restaurant of the hotel.

The green interior panels of the Scandinavian plant do not require maintenance, polar moss attracts and absorbs moisture in the air and does not absorb odors.

Absolutely suitable for: bars, hotels, spas, fitness centers, offices, office buildings, conference rooms, lobbies, stairs, branding and decoration of receptions, advertising, event branding, luxury home decoration, hospitals, hospitals, and others.

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Address: Sunny Beach, Grand Hotel Sunny Beach

Type of green cover: BIOboard Scandinavian Moss

MOSS color: Spring green

Dimensions: Squares 50 by 50 cm

Year of implementation: 2019