Green walls at OTP group's DSK bank in Sofia, BG | BIOboard

Green interior MOSS walls

Green walls at OTP group's DSK bank in Sofia, BG

As part of their partnership with DSK, BIOboard has turned the bank's new office into a naturally green jewel. The innovative interior is another successful step for total modernization of the Bank's offices. One of the key interior motifs in the renovated spaces is precisely the greenery, which not only meets the corporate vision of DSK as a color, but also brings a unique feeling of relaxation and freshness to the premises, as it has been prooved that the green walls by BIOboard reduce stress and relieve fatigue .

Architects and designers recommend that at least one of the rooms we live in daily to be in green color. Green soothes the nerves and relieves tension. The use of plant motifs (not just green) gives an extra sense of calm, almost comparable with a walk in the forest.

Address: DSK Bank Office, Knyaz Alexander Batenberg I Street, Sofia,

Type of green cover: BIOboard Scandinavian moss

Color: Light green

Dimensions: three pieces measuring 250 by 110 sm

Year of implementation: 2019