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Green interior MOSS walls

Green wall mix of three colors preserved moss

The most modern trend in the green walls of preserved moss is the combination of three shades of green, arranged as a harmonious melange of complementary notes of greenery.
The green wall of reindeer moss is underlined by a white furniture frame in Liebherr's office and is successfully combined with the vision of the elegant sample refrigerators in the room. The preserved moss by BIOboard does not require maintenance and special care, green walls do not need watering and are a great solution for natural greenery in any type of interior.

More examples for green walls and pictures with three moss colors see on our web site.

Address: Liebherr office

Type of green cover: three colors Scandinavian moss MOSSdesign by BIOboard

MOSS color: Light green (spring green), dark green (moss green), medium green (medium green)

Dimensions: 195 cm by 97 cm

Year : 2021