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Green interior MOSS walls

MOSS circles at Unicredit Bulbank office

In 2015, Unicredit Bulbank launched an initiative to renovate the interior and improve the facilities for its employees in its two main offices - at 15 Gueshevo Street and Sveta Nedelya Square in Sofia.

The interior design was entrusted to leading interior designers, the production of furniture - to factories with high capacity, and the main green interior accent in the common areas was decided to be green walls from Scandinavian moss in spring green colors and different shapes by BIOboard Bulgaria.

The green panels of Scandinavian moss in the shape of circles on the sixth floor in the office of Sveta Nedelya Square in Sofia, which has a relaxing effect on the employees of UniCredit Bulbank and contribute to the relaxing atmosphere.

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Address: 6th floor Sveta Nedelya Square, Unicredit Bulbank Office

Type of green cover: BIOboard Scandinavian moss

Moss color: Spring green

Dimensions: Diameter from 30 to 100 sm.

Year of implementation: 2017