MOSS wall in a restaurant. Moss walls in Dubai, UAE | BIOboard

Green interior MOSS walls

MOSS wall in a restaurant. Moss walls in Dubai, UAE

The green moss wall is a perfect background for the corporate logo of the restaurant and creates a unique relaxing atmosphere. Preserved moss walls have anti-allergic properties, do not retain harmful microorganisms, absorb unnecessary moisture in the air and have a beneficial effect on the indoor climate, making them absolutely suitable for restaurants, pastry shops and bars.

BIOboard is a worldwide manufacturer of green walls made of preserved moss with offices and installation teams based in Sofia, Bulgaria at the service of customers in Eastern and Central Europe and Dubai, UAE - delivering service in the United Arab Emirates and other GCC countries. The green walls of reindeer moss and preserved plants provide a unique green look and a sense of authentic freshness, reduce stress and improve the environment 

Address: 21 Vitosha Blvd., Sofia.

Type of green cover: MOSS design, BIOboard preserved moss

MOSS color: Spring green

Dimensions: 9 meters by 2 meters

Year of implementation: 2017