Preserved moss at Sweet Corner confectionery | BIOboard

Green interior MOSS walls

Preserved moss at Sweet Corner confectionery

A moss logo from reindeer moss and a green wall create a fresh mood at Sweet Corner confectionery.

The green panel with a logo is located in a central place in the restaurant, directly opposite the entrance and next to the window with the appetizing products, and the green moss wall is located near the tables inside the confectionery.

The reindeer moss brings natural greenery and gives an ecological vision to the brand, welcomes guests with a lot of style and creates a feeling of cozy atmosphere in the salon.

Type of green cover: preserved moss by BIOboard, 3D letters made of white PVC

MOSS color: Spring green


MOSS logo: 125 x 85 cm

Moss wall: 212 x 292 cm

Year: 2021