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Green interior MOSS walls

Preserved moss on the terrace of apartment

A state of emergency was declared in March 2020 due to the spread of coronavirus. Unfortunately, the epidemic has grown and has necessitated a number of restrictions and changes in the way of life and work of all people (see the news on "Working from home and the positive effect of green walls at home"). In these times when our homes are both a place to live and work and we spend most of our time there, making our interior different and more comfortable is essential. BIOboard clients often show personal creativity and use our company services to create their oasis at home during that times of quarantine!

This project is a concrete example of our customers' creative idea to make their home different. It consists of a green wall and a moss cover at the terrace of an apartment in a residential building.

Scandinavian moss is used only in the interior, allowing its use in open areas with sheds and covered terraces. Read more about the properties of Scandinavian moss.

Address: Sofia, Dianabad

Green cover: BIOboard Scandinavian moss

MOSS color: Medium green


     - Green wall: 260 cm by 74 cm

     - Railing: 546 cm by 88 cm

Photos: BIOboard

Year: 2020