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Green walls for restaurants and cafes

Green moss panels at Social Cafe

Social Cafe now has a green accent in its interior. Six frameless green paintings decorate and refresh the dark environment. Polar moss requires no special lighting and is ideal for placing in dark, spaces that lack natural light.

Due to its many useful properties and the fact that it does not require maintenance, Scandinavian moss is extremely suitable for placement in restaurants and pubs.

Polar moss attracts and absorbs moisture in the air, is an excellent insulator, does not contain toxic components or allergens, repels particulates in the air, does not attract insects and does not retain pathogens, has a slight unobtrusive odor of Scandinavian forest vegetation.

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Address: 16 Vitosha Blvd., Sofia, Social Cafe Bar and Kitchen

Type of green cover: BIOboard Scandinavian moss

Coating color: spring green

Dimensions: six pieces measuring 60 cm by 60 cm.

Year of implementation: 2017