MOSS walls for bathrooms and toilets | BIOboard

MOSS walls for bathrooms and toilets

MOSS design by BIOboard is an absolutely suitable solution for interior decoration in the bathroom. It can be applied both for complete covering in bathrooms and toilets, and in the form of separate decorative panels and green accents, for example in a separate niche above the toilet or around a mirror in the form of a frame, or maybe under the bathroom mirror and why not around bathroom furniture. The only important condition is that the place where the panels are placed should not get wet directly and should not be watered. In this sense, if its application is required in shower cabins, it is only possible behind transparent insulating glass, provided that ventilation of the niche behind the glass is provided.

The green interior solutions MOSS design by BIOboard can be applied as a covering of entire interior walls, interior panels and paintings, interior accents and architectural elements, for interior branding and decoration. The advantage of this type of creative vertical landscaping is the unique green vision and feeling of authentic freshness, reduces stress and relieves fatigue, improves the environment. MOSS is natural and requires no maintenance.