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Scandinavian moss for hotels, gyms and spas

Decorative panels a combination of three colors of moss

The compositions of several colors of moss are an interesting and precious decoration for the interior, which combine both natural greenery and unique creative value. The project in the gallery is located at a private house and its implementation has turned the SPA area (see more projects with preserved moss in the SPA area) into one great place for recreation.

The compositions of preserved moss in several colors are made of several different shades of green, which are part of one color range and complement each other. Check out the two-color moss combination project in the lobby of a residential building in the Tintyava Gardens complex or another impressive project with three-colored moss at hotel Silver.

Type of green cover: Scandinavian moss MOSSdesign by BIOboard

Color: Light green (spring green), dark green (moss green), medium green (medium green)

Dimensions: three pieces with dimensions 178 by 80 cm, 178 by 80 cm and 220 by 90 cm

Year of implementation: 2020