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Green polar moss panels in a gym

Next Level Fitness Club is one of the most modern fitness chains in Sofia, where it has 6 facilities for full fitness and group training for its clients. The fitness clubs have separate areas suitable for different types of exercise, as well as a relaxation and sauna area where clients can relax after an intense workout. The relaxation area features an interior combining stone finishes, wood paneling and decorative panels of spring green Scandinavian moss. The green Scandinavian BIOboard moss is in perfect combination with the wooden slats and contributes to a more relaxing atmosphere. An impressive example of a combination of wooden paneling with elements of Scandinavian moss circles can be seen in a project at the headquarters of UniCredit Bulbank on Sveta Nedelya Square in Sofia.


Address: Next Level Fitness Centers in Sofia - NDK fitness, Sport Box - Simeonovsko shose bulevaurd, Mplaza at 32, Atanas Dukov Street, Park center mall - Cherni vrah boulevard

Type of green cover: BIOboard Scandinavian moss

Moss color: Spring green

Dimensions: 220 / 5 sm

Year of implementation: 2017, 2018