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Green wall of plants in Devin

The green wall of the photos was completed in April 2019 in the relaxation area of ​​the SPA complex and is a composition of forest greenery, located in a niche with granite lining. The hotel owners opted for the BIOboard solution as the interior green walls of the MOSS wild series create a sense of closeness to nature and are relaxing and most importantly - they do not require maintenance, as do conventional vertical gardens and green decorative walls with irrigation systems. All of the above mentioned made the interior wall MOSS wild an absolutely applicable solution for Ismena Devin Hotel.

The MOSS Wild series of naturally green walls without the need for irrigation and maintenance is yet another BIOboard innovation that aroused great interest among architects and interior designers one month after their formal introduction to the Interior Designers and Designers Conference in Plovdiv in April 2019.


Design: BIOboard
Produced by: BIOboard
Address: Hotel Ismena Devin
Coverage: green coatings MOSS wild series
Plant types: 5 types of forest moss, eucalyptus branches, ivy, ferns, lilac branches, fruits and branches of wild grapes
Dimensions: 2,20 / 2 m.
Year of implementation: 2019