Vertical gardens MOSS wild

Decorative planting or corporative branding of vertical surfaces is widely known with different names like living walls, green walls, wall or vertical gardens, etc. Decoratively planting interior or exterior walls can considerably make atmosphere better or even contribute for a healthier living environment, if applied in the interior. It can be created from different plant species - grass, ever-green plants, flowers as well as from the natural interior moss - MOSS design. The original green walls can be applied for luxurious branding of the interior of restaurants, bars, night clubs for a greater pleasure and comfort of your clients. They can be used for creative decoration of the workplace or even the recreation areas in the office for better working environment. They can be used for unconventional interior solutions for your home, contributing for a better relaxing atmosphere or they can be even placed in hospitals as they have stress relieving characteristics.

If the client wants to install a natural wall as a durable solution in the interior of a room, but prefers not to engage in subscription maintenance, there is no possibility of water supply and drainage at the place or the necessary lighting and temperature regime cannot be provided, the alternative is the innovative product made of reondeer moss - green walls of Scandinavian moss.

The MOSS wild vertical garden series is another type of green interior solution. To meet the high expectations of our dear customers for even more diverse green offerings, we have created the MOSS wild series, which is characterized by a great wealth of wild forest plant species, an impression of calling from nature and a sense of premium quality in the interior. The combination of Scandinavian moss with all other mosses, greenery and plants, branches and berries, and even natural stone, creates a precondition for unlimited creative opportunities. Like moss green walls, MOSS wild vertical gardens require no maintenance, special lighting and irrigation systems. They can be composed of more than 30 species of various natural plants in preserved form: Scandinavian moss, ball moss and ordinary forest moss, as well as several species of ferns, ivy, eucalyptus, lilac branches, wild grapes, natural stone, other types of forest foliage. If you are interested, our BIOboard team will present you a wide selection of greenery, possible sizes and colors of plants, and at our showroom in Sofia you can see a live MOSS wild sample wall of over 10 sq.m.