Green wall in the lobby of a private apartment | BIOboard

Vertical gardens MOSS wild

Green wall in the lobby of a private apartment

The most recent BIOboard innovation for 2019 is the interior walls with natural foliage of the MOSS wild series. The project of the photos was realized in a luxury apartment in Mladost 2 in Sofia and contains over 10 different types of special plants. The important thing is that it does not require care. Does not require watering or special support from gardeners!

The MOSS wild green wall was installed on an existing site where a vertical irrigation garden had beeb located. Unfortunately, the plants have wilted over time and some of them do not look good when the BIOboard team goes on site and recommends the installation of an interior MOSS wild series. The desired effect of enjoying a fresh and green decorative wall in the lobby of the family's home is clearly achieved with the ever-lasting BIOboard solution.


Design: BIOboard
Production: BIOboard
Address: private home in a gated complex in Sofia, Mladost 1
Type of green coating: green coatings MOSS wild series
Plants: Scandinavian and 2 species of moss, eucalyptus branches, ivy, ferns.
Dimensions: 180 cm by 212 cm
Year of implementation: 2019