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Vertical gardens MOSS wild

Green wall series MOSS wild at a showroom

MOSS wild green wall at the BIOboard showroom in Sofia consists of natural plants in the condom type: Scandinavian moss, ball moss and ordinary forest moss, as well as several species of ferns, ivy, eucalyptus, lilac branches, wild grapes, other types of forest greenery. The decorative green wall covers the entire surface of one of the well-lit walls of the room and is a great example of a green wall design that clients can adapt to the space in their interior. You can see her live at our showroom at Sofia: 8, Lyosh Koshut Street, with an appointment.

Address: 8, Layosh Koshut Street, Sofia

Type of green coating: green coatings MOSS wild series

Plant types: Scandinavian and other forest mosses, eucalyptus branches, ivy, ferns, lilac branches, fruits and branches of wild grapes

Dimensions: 3.50 by 2.25 m

Year of implementation: 2018