Natural plants and moss with logo for ISPDD, Dubai | BIOboard

Vertical gardens MOSS wild

Natural plants and moss with logo for ISPDD, Dubai

The MOSS wild green panel was produced based on a special author's composition by BIOboard for architectural studio ISPDD, Dubai. The design of the green panel is tailored to the shape and size of the three dimensional 3D symbols so that the natural plants are combined in the best and creative way with the logo itself.

Interior green panels from the MOSS wild series create a feeling of closeness to nature and have a calming effect. They do not require watering or maintenance, while at the same time they are made of completely natural plants in a specially preserved state.

Project design: BIOboard

Address: Dubai Media City, architectural studio ISPDD office

MOSS series: green coatings MOSS wild series

Plant types: red fern, green and red ivy, gray-green eucalyptus, highlights of spring green, flat moss

Dimensions: 150 cm by 60 cm