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Water walls

Water wall with vertical garden MOSSwild at an office

The green walls of the MOSSwild series are made of real plants and are maintenance-free. They contribute to more comfort and a feeling of freshness in the interior. The MOSSwild by BIOboard series are an innovative modular system that can be adapted to everyone's taste by creating a unique composition and can be mounted on any type of interior surface.

When the green wall is combined with a water wall, the unique movement and murmur of the water along the horizontal threads revives the nature in the interior and creates a unique feeling for a walk in the forest.

Address: Sofia, Mladost 4, Levins office

Type of green wall: green walls series MOSS wild

Type of plants: 3 types of forest moss, ferns, ivy, eucalyptus, light green spring green

Dimensions: 2, 40 m. by 2, 40 m.

Water wall: Rubix Studio, https://rubixstudio.com/

Green wall project: BIOboard

Interior design: Zo Design, https://www.zodesign.eu/

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Year: 2021