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About us

BIOboard is a company with 10 years experience with green walls and green branding.

With a team of creative landscape architects and design specialists, we are professionals in the design, construction and maintenance of green walls, as well as the planning and implementation of substandard and innovative green advertising campaigns.

Since 2009, we have implemented green wall projects and eco advertising for over 150 different companies operating in more than 20 different fields and representing Bulgarian and international brands such as: Coca-Cola, Bankya, Confectioneries NEDELYA, LIDL, BILLA, Next Level , Unicredit Bulbank, DSK, Telus and many more.

We strongly believe in the idea of ​​"talking less and act more." In this spirit, the green path we've been going vigorously for over 10 years creates a wealth of experience in our team of experts, and the distinctive green traces we paint with the delicate BIOboard palette as we go forward, distinguish the quality of our service and are the main reason for the trust our dear customers vote for us.

Зелена пътека БИОборд


BIOboard is a manufacturer of green interior coatings made of Scandinavian moss that provide a unique green look and a sense of authentic freshness, reduce stress and improve the environment. Applied as a naturally green, unconventional lining of entire interior walls, panels and paintings, accents and architectural elements in any type of interior space, even unlit, for interior branding and decoration, they are a great prerequisite for brightening your imagination. Interior panels do not require special care or maintenance.