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Clean graffiti

Cleaning graffiti, eco graffiti, clean advertising, clean tagging or water advertising. Regardless of how what it called - it is an original and effective method of innovative communication and impressive environmental outdoor advertising, which can be used in addition to standard billboard campaigns or together with them. 

Using only water, pressure washer and an advertising template we produce stamps called clean graffiti by cleaning directly on the sidewalk, street or square, spraying water at the the outer surfaces through the template. This technique produces memorable and impressive campaigns that are highly creative and leave behind a cleaner street. This is a way to make environmental billboards by cleaning.

Unlike traditional advertising media that uses paper, vinyl, ink or electricity for lighting of billboards and equipment, BIOboard is the most environmentally friendly method for outdoor advertising known. The durability of the advertising prints is usually from 2 weeks to several months, depending on the location at which they are located.  

There is NO ban for cleaning of public spaces anywhere in the world. Such legal text does not exist in the legislation in our country as well. Responsibility for the installation of the cleaned graffiti is ours according to the contract. We will further take care to coordinate the campaign with the municipal administration or to provide authorization to access certain locations when necessary.