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MOSS panels

What is preserved MOSS by BIOboard?

The interior decorative moss MOSS design by BIOboard, famous as reindeer moss, is a natural plant that grows in forest and mountain areas of the subarctic regions where it survives long, cold and dark periods beneath the snow. The growth of the plant is really slow with about 5 mm per year forming beautiful forest carpets. That's why picking of reindeer moss is strictly controlled and free gathering is prohibited by law. Reindeer moss is picked by several Scandinavian legitimized companies at certain periods during the year, stored for some time at controlled conditions and treated with organic dyes and preserving agents.

MOSS design panels application

The preserved moss then is ready to be successfully applied for the production of MOSS design panels that are finely composed of that suttle and attractively looking Scandinavian plant, requiring no maintenance and no watering over the years. Our MOSS design panels can be easily used to cover entire interior walls, any type of interior accents and architectural elements, and also for green corporate branding and decoration.  

Do-It-Yourself MOSS design walls

MOSS design panels are distributed worldwide into several standard sizes while individual moss panels can also be produced on demand and delivered globally. The MOSS design panels with standard sizes can be easily trimmed by cutting with utility knife and even more simply attached to the interior walls by using any type of mounting glue or silicone adhesive. That way your green interior decor will be ready and you will only need to enjoy the ever-lasting MOSS wall! 

If you prefer to buy ready-made paintings from moss and other preserved plants in a frame, please visit our e-shop and choose from the special selection of MOSS pictures by BIOboard.