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Thanks to its extensive experience in green branding and eco advertising, BIOboard Ltd. has developed a new type of luxury vertical landscaping for decorative green walls, interior panels and creative decorations for sophisticated establishments, hotels, spas, hospitals and homes.

BIOboard green interior solutions can be applied to cover entire interior walls, interior panels and paintings, interior accents and architectural elements, interior branding and decoration. The advantage of this type of creative vertical landscaping is the unique green vision and a sense of authentic freshness, reducing stress and relieving fatigue, improving the environment. Furthermore, green walls make it possible to have greenery without losing valuable floor space.

The application of BIOboard moss depends entirely on the individual feelings of the client and the recommendations of your interior designers. There is no restriction on the size of the interior walls - from natural green paintings of 1 sq.m. to complete wall cladding and supporting columns. There are possibilities for arbitrary shapes and curves, as well as shaping in any graphic elements, logos and letters, and the mossy surfaces can be combined with a variety of materials to the taste of clients. The thickness of the moss is from 50 to 70 mm, and the thickness of the plane below it is 5-6 mm. 

The big advantage over traditional vertical landscaping (vertical gardens) with irrigation systems is that the BIOboard moss requires no maintenance, watering and pruning, does not retain dust and is incombustible. The natural humidity of the indoor air is sufficient to maintain the freshness and good appearance of the moss. The relative humidity of the air must be within the normal range for habitation. At values ​​lower than 40-50%, the moss cover hardens and becomes brittle when touched, but upon regaining normal humidity, the vertical landscaping restores its natural softness.

Our team selects and shapes the best specimens of the plant by hand, then carefully arranges them by hand on pre-prepared panels to produce the most dense and richly moss-covered green carpet, resembling the most natural moss cover in the Scandinavian forests.

The great wealth of the most beautiful parts of the moss - their crowns and the perfect placement of each individual moss piece are an indicator of the high level of performance and beauty of the green panels produced by BIOboard. The high density and high thickness of the coatings guarantee the best thermal insulation and noise absorption. All this is because the green interior walls from BIOboard are original Scandinavian technology, and the moss from Norway is the most durable and the most beautiful!