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Bankia PlantBottle

In 2013, Coca-Cola Bankia Mineral Water presented the first PlantBottle ™ bottle in Bulgaria - made of up to 30% plant origin. Keeping to their original style, the company carried out the promotion of this innovation with a portion of outdoor and indoor communication made from natural plants. Thus, at several key locations in the center of Sofia, Mall Serdica, and later in the Mladost Arena cinema, BIOboard installed green graffiti made of natural forest mosses, which presented perfectly the green technology of the improved bottle.

About the campaign: Bankia, with the help of the BIOboard, launched an alternative and green campaign with multiple BIOboards and Green Graffiti's around the city of Sofia.

The task: Implementation of several green billboard installations in the capital of Sofia as well as laying green graffiti from moss.

The idea: Bankia presented Bulgaria's first PlantBottle ™ bottle - up to 30% plant origin. For the safe of the promotion BIOboard launched an original and eco-friendly outdoor and indoor communication campaign.

Challenge and implementation: To offer the client numerous suitable billboard locations in the city of Sofia, where moss installations could be build and carry out their maintenance throughout the campaign. To organize the production of moss symbols and elements -green graffiti from natural forest moss.