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"Cross- safely!" socially responsible campaign

"Cross- safely!" is an initiative for safe passage on clean zebras in the city. Some of the activities include cleaning of sidewalks in the city and marking them with symbols, provoking increased attention to people. Campaign contains both rich symbolic meaning, but practical effect. During the 2013 campaign took place for the first time in cooperation with Sofia Municipality and the Police, and was supported by Investbank, Goodyear and the Union of Bulgarian Motorists (SBA). Oranizator of the campaign is our agency for non-standard communication open - BIOboard. Most recent news for "Cross- safely!" you can monitor the Facebook profile of the campaign:https://www.facebook.com/Mini.na.chisto.

What's the problem?

Most zebras in Sofia are polluted, a in everyday life people often forget to look with caution before passing through the roadway, which increases the risk of road accidents. An interesting fact is that most of the paths regain their white color after cleaning with high pressure water, which increases visibility for drivers and the risk of a traffic accident is reduced by provoking pedestrians to pay greater attention just before crossing the road through appropriate indication.

What's the idea?

Group companies organize cleaning of the main boulevards of the hiking trails in the capital and positioning distinctive sign of attention just before the pedestrian crossing with non-polluting technology, similarly to the London markings "Look right". Using only template and high pressurе water sprayer the "symbols of the campaign" were cleaned out of the dirt.


Campaign cleaning footpaths of main roads in Sofia was held for the first time just before Earth Day - April 22, 2013.

The message “Cross safely!”

В Facebook page will introduce you to the interesting facts about road safety and will try to provoke a conscious choice for increased attention to road conditions, both for pedestrians and drivers in vehicles as all of us are!