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Decorative shaped green panels

Scandinavian moss tree by BIOboard

The natural icy shade of the forest moss shaped like a tree crown with trunk and colored glass branches reminds us of the subarctic climate and polar habitat in which this plant develops. The project consist of two pieces of such ornamental moss trees just before each of the entrances of the building launch. It was implemented by BIOboard and designed by architect N. Paunova.

BIOboard interior moss, popular in northern countries as "moss or lichens" coming from their Latin name - reindeer moss is a natural plant and protected species that develops in forest and mountain areas located in the Arctic Circle.

For more on Scandinavian moss, read our green moss walls page.

Address: Dianabad, Tintyava Street, G + D Lounge, Sofia

Type of green cover: BIOboard Scandinavian Moss

Moss color: light blue

Dimensions: Two pieces with dimensions 262 cm by 224 cm.

Year of implementation: 2019