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Vertical greenery MOSS wild in Grand Hotel Sunny Beach

As part of its program to renovate the Grand Hotel Sunny Beach in Sunny Beach in March 2020, the hotel owners have once again trusted the BIOboard team who literally brought nature into the hotel and installed two art pieces of MOSS wild green walls. More information about other of our crafts located in the hotel can be found on our gallery for project "Polar moss  at Sunny Beach hotel".

The vertical landscaping of the MOSS wild series at the Grand Hotel Sunny Beach has put green interior accents in two places in the hotel complex, namely the restaurant and lobby by the pool exit. On the photos above, you can see pictures of the green wall measuring 3 meters by 1.5 meters, located at the pool exit. We have divided the second decorative accent into a separate project gallery, as it is special in that the greenery spans from the wall to the ceiling.

The green walls of the MOSS wild series at the hotel are of preserved natural plants: Scandinavian moss, ball moss and ordinary forest moss, as well as several ferns, ivy, eucalyptus, lilac branches, wild grapes, other types of forest greenery.

Design: BIOboard
Production: BIOboard
Address: Grand Hotel Sunny Beach, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria
Green wall series: MOSS wild
Plant types: Scandinavian and other forest moss, natural stone accents, eucalyptus branches, ivy, ferns, lilac branches, fruits and branches of wild grapes

Dimensions: 3 m by 1.50 m
Year of implementation: 2020